D’AquinoMonaco has been dedicated to creating progressive spaces for more than 20 years, architecturally and decoratively, with their distinctive vision. With more than 200 projects worldwide, the creativity sponsored by this partnership led to their induction into the Interior Design Hall of Fame and a Benjamin Moore Hue Award.

Francine Monaco
Carl D'Aquino
Dane Pressner
Stephen Mullins
Fani Budic
Scott Canion
Dan Webre
Nathaniel Worden
Erin Fredrickson
Jenni Palomaa
Gabriela Santos
X Francine Monaco, AIA, LEED AP
Since graduating architecture school from the University of Cincinnati, Francine Monaco has engaged in a diverse design and architecture career. Her inclination is to look at every opportunity through a contemporary lens, bringing new materials and textures to each project. Maintaining a connection and appreciation for our past informs how to challenge the expanding possibilities of our practice. Her ability to combine the practical and the magical lend the projects a timeless grace. As a faculty member of Pratt Institute Interior Design Department, she inspires and is inspired by the next generation of innovative thinking and vision. Teaching extends the dialogue between generations, which led to the creation of D'Aquino Monaco. Francine was inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame in 2007.
X Carl D'Aquino, ASID, IIDA
A graduate of the School of Architecture of the City University of New York, Carl D’Aquino has become renowned as an innovative interior designer within New York and across the country. He established his first design firm in 1985, making the application of modernist sensibility and eclectic taste to both contemporary and period design the hallmark of his style. He is a member of the Design Council for the Museum of Arts and Design and the Global Color Research Panel, and has served on Benjamin Moore's Design Advisory Council. In 1998 he established D'Aquino Monaco Inc. with architect Francine Monaco. He was inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame in 2007 an has since been named one of the "Top 100 Designers in America" by Metropolitan Home and rated one of the "Top Ten" interior designers by House Beautiful.